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are you ready to

feel better and enjoy food? 

My coaching can direct you with accountability, focus, and consistency.

We work closely together to develop a tailored eating style where all food fits.

When clients first join my 1-to-1 coaching program, they often:

  • think they have no willpower, no discipline, and tell themselves they aren't to be trusted around food 

  • feel frustrated that diets, calorie counting, or tracking points backfired in the past with excessive hunger, cravings, and anxiety about food choices that only brought about low food enjoyment and lots of guilt

  • wish: "they could eat like other people"

  • say: "I should have this figured out by now"

I help you create a positive relationship with food and develop skills to eat in ways that are consistent with your personal values and goals.

My work offers an approach best for: 

Women who have struggled with chronic dieting, binges, and emotional eating who want to learn to eat using a different approach. 

Women who want to prioritize food freedom and trust themselves around food, while developing positive body image and acceptance of their body.

I offer a three month program that offers you structure

here's what's included:

eating behavior +

nutrition assessment

weekly calls with


value driven success indicators and goals

weekly calls with Melissa




via mobile chat

We meet weekly. Here's what happens:

week 1

set your vision and goals

Learn the science behind your weight, health, and eating behaviors. Set a wellness vision and 3-month goals rooted in your values so you feel ready to focus on what matters to you during the program.

weeks 2-6

learn your internal cues

Let go of calorie tracking so you can free your mind of worry and stress. Learn about binges and emotional eating. Reconnect with your body and  choose food in ways that best serve your body.

week 7-12

practice your skills

Develop a lifelong eating style you can maintain effortlessly. Graduate the program with a clear understanding of your progress so you can continue to master flexible eating for a lifetime.

notes from former clients

"Having a coach means someone is waiting to hear

what I am up to and make sure I keep going.

Where else can you get that support in your life?"

who should

apply to the program? 

Mission Nutrition is not for you if...

  • you want a quick fix or diet plan

  • want to follow a special diet: you won't get one here unless you have a medical concern

  • think of weight loss as an end in and of itself (versus what may happen when you learn to eat toward your values)

  • don't like learning about yourself, your priorities, and the conditions you thrive in

  • can't commit to weekly calls

  • aren't ready to financially and emotionally commit to three months of working together (online nutrition is not covered by insurance)

If coaching doesn't seem right...that's okay!

I hope you'll still benefit from my newsletter

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Mission Nutrition is for you if...


  • you suspect there is more to health than just your BMI and body weight (you would be correct) and want to work with someone who can understand the whole you.

  • often feel better after talking your worries out with people you trust

  • thrive in semi-structured environments (you probably loved school for this reason)

  • struggle with staying focused and positive when feeling overwhelmed 

  • want to enjoy all food without deprivation

  • want to trust yourself to eat until you feel satisfied, with less guilt or physical discomfort.

  • want to feel better in your skin: free of worry and ready to accomplish whatever you dream of doing in your life

  • want to look back on your life knowing you enjoyed every bite

feeling better already?

let's work together