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hows it going feeding your kids?

my kids are picky

"No!" is your kid's go-to phrase. They reject new foods. And sometimes, they even reject food they used to like for reasons unknown. It's tiring.

meal times are stressful

You serve healthy meals, but they feel ignored. You've tried negotiating (eat just ONE bite of broccoli) and punishing, and begging (eat one bite, please, for me?) but it's not working.

we have no schedule

You are always on the go so regular meals are a challenge. When you do sit down, your kids don't want to eat. Then you hear "I'm hungry" right before bed.

i'm fed up with meal prep

You have your own health goals and know how you would like to eat as a family.  You are making multiple meals or "kid foods" to keep everyone happy. Either way, you feel frustrated the kids won't budge.

i feel guilty all the time

You feel badly when you give kids treats and badly when you don't. You wish that they could have more self control and don't know how to teach them.

i'm worried about their size

You compare your kid's body size to others their age or their siblings. Part of you thinks they will grow out of it. The other part of you worries that how they eat will make life challenging.

does this sound like you and your kids?  

you're in the right spot


what you want to feed based on your eating values


how you feed with less stress and better results


the way you and your family eats together

welcome to Mission Nutrition!

I'm Melissa Gallagher Landry, dietitian and lifestyle coach. If you need help with your family's eating habits, you are in the right spot. My work empowers you to create a lifestyle of healthy eating for everyone at your table.  Are you:


  • Constantly nagging and negotiating (only to hear "NO")

  • Fed up making separate meals (and still hearing "NO")

  • Unsure how to deal with hunger strikes and tantrums

  • Feeling guilty when you allow treats (and when you don't)

  • Worried about your child's size and what that means for their future health

let's get you to the good part

The drama of food refusals and outbursts is a normal part of learning how to eat. Parent coaching leans on my training as a pediatric dietitian so you can grow a kid who enjoys most foods and self-regulates how they eat. We'll work together to:

kind notes

from happy parents

"The other day my daughter AND husband told me 'make this again' when I served this crockpot meal I found. That's never happened before."